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I totally stole this pic from Bree's facebook. My fellow food bloggers thank you Bree.

A couple weeks ago we were visiting some friends of ours. My friend Tara is a food freak like me, and she prepared this dish for us because it was one of her favorites...and because it is ridiculously fast. And because it tastes gourmet. And gosh darnit it looks pretty too! Tara altered the recipe from it's original form, so I kept her alterations because they were mighty good.

You will be surprised how easy it could make it on a weeknight when you don't have any time, and it looks like you slaved for hours. You can whip this whole meal up in under 2o minutes. Even if you don't like lentils you should try hubby and I don't much like them either, but with all the herbs, lemon and the salty salmon, it is a perfect match. And here's the other kicker: it's healthy. Say what?! Yup, that's right. You got your slow carbs, your veggies and your lean protein (Which I learned from Miss Dani Spies). Is there any reason why you are not making this recipes right now?! Didn't think so, so let's get to it.

Recipe by Jamie Oliver


Serves 4

1 can of lentils
4 (8-ounce) salmon fillets, skinned and pin-boned
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
8 slices of prosciutto
4 tbsp olive oil
1 lemon, juiced
2 good handfuls mixed herbs (flat-leaf parsley, dill and chives), chopped
3 large handfuls spinach, chopped
Small container of plain yogurt, lightly seasoned with salt and pepper

Preheat the oven to 425 degrees F. Drain the lentils and put into a pot and cover with water. Bring to a boil on med-high and then turn heat down and simmer until tender (This only takes about 5-10 minutes).

Season the salmon fillets with a little pepper before wrapping them in the prosciutto slices. Leave some of the flesh exposed. Steve (my husband) thinks the entire fillet should be wrapped instead of the middle getting all the good stuff. It would look prettier wrapped in the middle (like in the picture), but if you want more of the good stuff wrap lengthwise. Drizzle with olive oil and roast in the oven for around 10 minutes until the prosciutto is golden.

While the salmon is in the oven and the lentils are simmering, season the plain yogurt with salt and pepper to your liking. Also go ahead and chop up all your herbs.

Drain away the water from the lentils and season carefully with salt, pepper, the lemon juice and olive oil. Just before serving, stir the herbs and spinach into the lentils on a high heat, until wilted. Divide the lentils among 4 plates. Place a salmon fillet on top of your pile of lentils, and finish with a drizzle of lightly seasoned yogurt.

Tell me how good this is.

Click here for printable version of Prosciutto Wrapped Salmon over Lemon-Herb Lentils

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2 Responses
  1. Unknown Says:

    I made this today and it was so amazing! Too wonderful for words!! This is a 5 star rating in our house! I'm in the States, so the only kicker is that I didn't have canned lentils readily available so I found an alternative recipe on foodtv from Ina. I almost (well, I actually did) forgot to make the yogurt sauce, but whipped it together real fast. It made such an impact and really made the meal! This dish has officially been added to the Team Clanehon rotation! Thanks!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I made this tonight for the second time since finding this recipe. It is absolutely delicious. I found the lentils on the organic food aisle at the store. The meal has such great taste and works well when cooking for two as well.