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Like I said last week in my salmon post....I LOVED the markets in Vancouver. I was able to pick up such fresh ingredients I wouldn't be able to get anywhere else. I covet those markets.

One of the most fabulous "homemade" meals I made, was Chicken Wrapped in Prosciutto served over Spinach Fettucini with Herb and 3 Cheese Sauce.

It's sounds incredibly elaborate, but it took almost no effort. The work on my part?
- Wrap the chicken breast in prosciutto. Done.
- Boil the pasta. Done.
- Eat. Done and Done!

I also served it with a fresh foccacia bread. This meal made my heart SING it was so good. If you are in Vancouver, I'll tell ya how to do it. Go to either the Londsdale Quay Market or Granville Island Market, head up to the Italian counter, pick out all your fresh ingredients. Come home and cook it. Those are some good directions hey? It was expensive (I would have paid just as much at an Italian restaurant), but it was well worth it for a night of incredibly fresh Italian food.

While you are in Granville Island Market, there will a little table set up with some dude selling hummus. Go ahead. Try it. He's got some samples....and be BLOWN AWAY by how delicious his hummus is. You'll pay $5 for a small container of it, but it's well worth it since it's so delicious. My husband is even willing to have it shipped out to us because we couldn't get enough. He has different flavors, but the best were Sweet Lime Hummus and Spicy Black Bean. We opted for the black bean, and be-still my heart!

We ate just as is with some multi-grain chips and also as a condiment on some burgers that I made. This stuff is epic. I NEED to try and recreate it.

See that bread for that sandwich? That's Italian Asiago Cheese Bread from the bread counter in the Granville Island Market. That bad boy made some delicious mouth watering sandwiches.

Okay, so my "recipe" for today: Go to Vancouver...go to the this stuff. Oh and bring a cute little girl along with you. She'll gaze around the market in wonder...just like you are.

(Unless you are much cooler than I am, and live somewhere that has a good market ;)

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