The Meal Planner

I love meal planning (obviously) and don't know what I'd do without it. If you currently don't meal plan and don't know why you should start, here are some of the benefits of meal planning:

  1. You will EAT OUT LESS
  2. You will have a plan so you will be eating LESS PREPACKAGED MEALS
  4. In turn, that means you will WASTE LESS GROCERIES (how many times have you bought lettuce or broccoli with the intentions of using it and it ended up growing a science experiment at the back of your fridge?)
  5. All these reasons means you will SAVE MONEY
  6. You will eat a VARIETY OF MEALS
  7. Eating out less, and eating less packaged garbage means you will be eating HEALTHIER
  8. Your FAMILY HAS A SAY in what you are going to eat that week -kids are more likely to eat what you have cooked for them, since they may have requested it
  9. AVOID THE ANNOYING "WHAT'S FOR DINNER?" - They can just check the list on the fridge
  10. Work around ALLERGIES (like wheat, soy, etc)
  12. LESS STRESS – no pointless staring at the fridge and cupboards "What the heck am I going to make?"
  13. LESS TRIPS TO THE GROCERY STORE -which also saves you money, since there aren't impulse buys every time you go

Have I convinced you yet?! Meal planning is great....for SO many reasons. If you need ideas on how to get started go to:

How to Meal Plan - Getting Started

Tips for Better Meal Planning

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5 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hi There- just wanted to let you know that the "tips for better meal planning" link is no longer available. Thanks

  2. Hey thanks for letting me know. I just fixed it.

  3. deisy Says:

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  5. Sian Breslin Says:

    I love it too! Meal planning is great!
    Sian (Founder of Sian's Plan)