The Meal Planner

Week 1 "Cheap Mixed with a Little Extravagance"
Week 2 "A Little Trip to Mexico, Asia, The Mediterranean, and Italy"
Week 3 "Homey Autumn Things Including Thanksgiving Dinner"
Week 4 "Restaurant Inspired Dinners"
Week 5 "Stuff You Eat With Your Hands"
Week 6 "Comfort Foods"
Week 7 "A Visit to the Soup Nazi...No Soup for You!"
Week 8 "A Taste of Asia"
Week 9 "Frugal but Not Boring"
Week 10 "Italian, Mexican, Asian and an Indian Feast"
Week 11 "Bustin' Out Family Favorites for Christmas Week"
Week 12 "Childhood Faves"
Week 13 "Pantry Challenge"
Week 14 "Gettin' Back in the Saddle"
Week 15 "In Honor of Chinese New Year"
Week 16 "Italy, Morocco, Thailand, and North America"
Week 17 "Easy and Authentic"
Week 18 "More Adventurous than Usual"
Week 19 "A Ray-Ray Week"
Week 20 "Restaurant Worthy"
Week 21 "Seriously Exciting Stuff"
Week 22 "The One the Wind Gust Blew Away"
Week 23 "Family Faves"
Week 24 "Slow Roasted Pork Challenge"
Week 25 "Summer Produce"
Week 26 "Summer Barbecuing" (with grocery list)
Week 27 "Slow Cookin' Some Tough Steaks" (with grocery list)
Week 28 "Ode to Summer"
Week 29 "Soups in Summer"
Week 30 "Farmer's Market Produce at it's Best"
Week 31 "Christmas Week"
Week 32 "Eat from the Pantry Challenge"
Week 33 "Restaurant Knock Offs"
Week 34 "Quick and Easy
Week 35 "Repurposing Leftovers"
Week 36 "Spring is in the Air" (with grocery list)
Week 37 "An Ode to Jamie Oliver" (with grocery list)
Week 38 "A Cozy Autumn Week"(with grocery list)
Week 39 "Fall Soups and Slow Cooked Foods" (with grocery list)
Week 40 "Comforting and Creamy" (with grocery list)
Week 41 "Lighten Up Your Winter Blahs" (with grocery list)
Week 42 "A Really Great One" (with grocery list)
Week 43 "On the Ball" (with grocery list)
Week 44 "Prep Ahead" (with grocery list)
Week 45 "Thai One On" (with grocery list)
Week 46 "Summer Goodness" (with grocery list)
Week 47 "Fresh and Fun for the New Year" (with grocery list)
Week 48 "Travel the Globe" (with grocery list)
Week 49 "Quick Fix Meals" (with grocery list)
Week 50 "Family Favorites" (with grocery list)
Week 51 "Familiar with a Fresh Twist" (with grocery list)
Week 52 "Few Ingredients, Fantastic Results" (with grocery list)
Week 53 "The Last of Winter Comforts" (with grocery list)
Week 54 "Spring Rejuvenation" (with grocery list)
Week 55 "A Looneyspoons Week" (with grocery list)
Week 56 "Mixin' It Up with Tex Mex" (with grocery list)

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7 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    I'm excited to get planning!! Thanks for the tips!

  2. No problem! Thanks for checking things out, and I'm glad you found some useful tips.

  3. Leah Smith Says:

    Your site looks amazing. I love that you have gone beyond hum-drum meat and potatoes and have infused some foreign flavor into your dishes. I am in the very beginning stages of blogging and stumbled upon your site. Thanks for your great work.

  4. Thanks Leah! That's definitely my goal, so I'm glad that I'm accomplishing it :)

  5. Lindsay M. Says:

    Wow, these are amazing! What a fantastic blog. I am just starting meal planning up again after a five-month absence courtesy my new baby boy. I am an organization nerd so I made these really cute meal planning worksheets that actually make me want to use them and stick to planning! I can't wait to put your plans to the test.

  6. mightymel Says:

    I love reading your site. This is the first meal planning site that I actually like the recipes. You have done a great job planning them. I will definitely be referring to this over and over as I plan my menus. Thanks so much!

  7. Were has this site been all my life!! I google searched for a site that is everything your site is...I got all I wished and more! Thank you, thank you, thank you!