The Meal Planner

This week's meals seem to revolve around "Things You Eat With Your Hands"...not on purpose it just kind of worked out that way.

Day 1: California Chicken Burgers and Oven Fries
I've been craving these for awhile now...I recreated them after a sandwich I ate at a local restaurant.

Day 2: Chili Cheese Dogs and Salad
Easy, delicious and satisfying. My husband loves these so I'm surprising him with them.

Day 3: Farmer Sausage and Perogies with Broccoli
My Dad makes homemade perogies and I have a freezer full of them, so I have to bust them out every so often. We boil them for a couple minutes and then fry on medium with bacon so they get all crispy. Serve with sour cream. This is my Polish heritage comin' out.

Day 4: BLT Sandwiches and Yogurt
My husband is really good at cooking anything breakfast related so that includes bacon. I'm teaching Kindergarten all week, so a meal like this I can get him to help me: Toast bread, spread with mayo, top with lettuce, tomato, salt and pepper and of course bacon. Serve with yogurt for an all around easy and satisfying meal.

Day 5: Vietnamese Sandwiches
We get together with two other couples once a month for an International Food Night called the "Secret-Secret Geography Club". This month's country of choice is Vietnam. I LOVE Vietnamese Bun, but we like to experiment and try new things with this group. I've never had these sandwiches but they sound delicious.

Day 6: Pizza and Salad
Ahhh Friday. Everyone is tired and wants to relax....why not pop in a frozen pizza you bought on sale and doubled with a coupon (like I did) and sit back and enjoy the stress-free meal you are making :)

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4 Responses
  1. See, I am so un-gourmet, I don't even know what a perogie is! Sounds delicious though...perhaps you will eventually reform this foodie failure...

  2. Haha, that's cute because a perogie is so un-gourmet :) It's totally peasant food, but totally delicious. They are made of a potato and cheese filling, all mashed up and creamy and stuffed inside dough to make a dumpling. You boil them first for a couple minutes so the dough cooks, then you put them in a frying pan and let them get crispy. We top them with bits of crispy bacon and sour cream. This is actually one of my "cheap meals" - cheap to me because they are free, but cheap as well to anyone else who makes them from scratch since it's just potatoes, flour, water and some cheez whiz.

    My family is Polish, so I grew up eating my Grandma's homemade perogies from scratch, and now most of my Aunt's as well as my Dad make them. I've never ventured into perogie-making territory, but mostly because whenever my Dad visits I get bestowed with a whole grocery bag full of frozen perogies. You can also buy them at the store, but of course they are much more expensive pre-packaged.

  3. Oh they sound even more delicious! My Albertsons had a sale on ten pound bags of Russet Potatoes for $2.90. The Potatoe Skins and these Perogies sound like a perfect way to use up the spuds!

    I really enjoy your blog. You are expanding my food knowledge bite by bite :)

    Could you use actual Cheddar cheese rather than Cheez Whiz? I am so a cheese snob and can't even think of preparing something with the word Whiz in the ingredients! lol!

  4. I hear ya...under normal circumstances I hate any kind of processed cheese, but because it's mashed in with the potato and because I grew up eating them prepared this way I love it with Cheez Whiz. I just emailed my Dad to ask him for his recipe as well as if he's ever tried making them with real cheddar. I'm sure it would work.

    I'm glad you are enjoying my blog :) I love sharing and talking about food so it's a joy for me.