The Meal Planner

Love the extra money in your wallet that comes from meal planning, but missing fast food and take out?

I'm always craving restaurant-style food, but instead of eating out I try to re-create my favorite dishes or go looking for recipes that sound similar. It really satisfies those cravings and helps you to not miss take-out so much.

Try these take-out inspired recipes:


Start the meal off with bread dipped in balsamic and oil..just like they do in the restaurant.




North American :

Sometimes, it's not always the food you miss when you don't go to a restaurant, but the company and the time out with friends. Instead try having your friends over for a drink and some appetizers. You'll enjoy it just as much. I promise:

Or make the kids happy with the novelty of having a “Leftover Buffet”. Don't spend your money on one of those expensive buffets with the salad bar, etc, but instead stay at home and use this as a creative way for getting rid of the leftovers that have piled up in your fridge all week. Put everything out on the counter, and the family can dish up their own plate with their favorite dishes from the week. You could even set up your own salad bar with all the fixin's and a few salad dressings. You'll not only save money from not eating out, but you'll save money by not throwing out the leftovers.

(As a little treat you could also surprise the kids with a Make-Your-Own Sundae Bar. Set out ice cream with chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, marshmallows, chocolate chips, sprinkles, peanuts, cherries and whip cream and let them dish up and create their own specialized sundaes. They'll love you.)

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