The Meal Planner

Life has been husband and I were able to get away on a "Babymoon" this weekend and we very much enjoyed the time to relax. Monday morning it was back to chaos and we both have a busy week coming up. Last week my meal plan turned into a bit of a gong show (what was meant to be Meal Plan Week 9)...We had so many days of not eating what we had planned because other things came up that I can't even post the meal plan. It's not a bad thing...we still didn't eat out, or buy anything that wasn't bought in the weekly shop, things just came up, or meals were made for us unexpectedly and such.

All this to say, I am hoping to work on this week's meal plan Dec 2. since I have Wednesday night free for grocery shopping. It will be posted soon, and my posts for recipes will now be for the week we are currently in.

As soon as I find time, I will post the last recipe for Meal Plan Week 8 and the new meal plan.

It's all coming soon, I promise ;)

P.S. I found a better website that was more comprehensive in the list of Winter Produce, so the previous post was updated to include those. Check it out if you like.

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