The Meal Planner

Thanks for being patient with me as I adjust to life being a mother of two, recover from labor, find my sanity with a toddler whose world has completely crumbled since she isn't the baby anymore, and catch a few winks of sleep. I have no meal plan this week since we are totally blessed and families from our church are providing us with meals every far we've gotten pork roast with rosemary potatoes, corn chowder and cheese bread, sushi, shepherd's pie and cranberry oatmeal cookies, pea soup and biscuits and spaghetti with mandarin salad. We feel so spoiled and we still have 4 more nights of meals coming our way!

Next week I will be back with a meal plan. I assume life will still be slightly upside-down, but the only way I will feel some sense of control is with a meal plan for our suppers.

Thank you to everyone for your many congrats and kind words. I appreciate them so much.

If you want to steal a few sneak peeks at the new babe, check out Journey's of an Artist Mom. I feel so blessed. My cup is overflowing.

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