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I'm eager to type this post because SPRING is just around the corner! You wouldn't know it with our -30 degree temperatures in Alberta, Canada but in just a few days we will be above zero and able to get out of the house and shake off our cabin fever. Officially Spring is March 20th and that just puts a little bounce in my step and extra sweetness in my coffee. Not only do I love Spring and all the comes with it like the snow melting, fresh warm air, getting outside for walks, the park and picnics, it also comes with some of the most delicious in-season produce. Crunchy sweet green vegetables like peas, beans and broccoli, fresh herbs and more fruit. I love it! This list of in-season produce will help you plan delicious Spring meals and get the best quality fruit and veggies as well as the best price.

Note that your area may have slightly different in-season produce. This list says that sweet corn is in season which I'm sure it is in the U.S. but here in Canada we enjoy our Southern Alberta Sweet Corn in summer. This is also peak time for California strawberries, yet our Canadian grown Okanagan strawberries are also in-season in summer. Just something to keep in mind.

Information from Fruits & Veggies More Matters

In-season produce for Spring (March, April, May):


  • Honeydew
  • Mango
  • Oranges
  • Limes
  • Rhubarb
  • Strawberries

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7 Responses
  1. Kelly Says:

    I SO hear you in the -30 degree weather, over here in your neighbor province (SK) we are freezing our butts off too!
    I wish I lived in the US for this reason alone - Florida, perhaps?

  2. I didn't realize you lived in Sask! I grew up there. Even though it's easy to complain about the cold here in Southern Alberta it is always at least 10 degrees warmer than SK. I definitely love our chinooks...its the next best thing to living in Florida ;)

  3. Kelly Says:

    You grew up in Sask? Where? I live North of Saskatoon.
    The grocery stores in Saskatoon have a lot of authentic food but often I find I need to go to a few different sotres to find the items I want.
    Like lemon curd ... still haven't found it!
    But we do have the Bulk Cheese Warehouse & I bet they would have your smoked mozzarella.

  4. I grew up in Wilkie which is near North Battleford.

    That's so weird that you can't find lemon curd in Saskatoon! It's just right there next to marmalade and raspberry jam in our grocery stores.

    Yes, my dad shops at the Bulk Cheese Warehouse...I bet they would have smoked mozzarella. I love that place. One of my favorite cheeses I have tried from there is Tex-Mex Smoked Gouda...WOW. Get me a block of that with a box of crackers and I would be in cheese heaven :)

  5. Kelly Says:

    Yup I searched at quite a few stores & even asked if they had lemon curd & I just wasn't seeing it. Kinda makes me cry, I've had it on my meal plan and have to keep bumping it :(
    I don't go to the Bulk Cheese Warehouse but maybe should head over there and get me a block of Tex Mex Smoked Gouda. I should also pick up some regular smoked gouda for the California Chicken Burgers - which were delish, by the way!
    P.S. Your blog has really changed my cooking, experimenting and meal planning. I just LOVE it. I have tried a lot of your recipes and they are always fabulous. And since I found your blog I have meal planned every single week without fail. It has helped our grocery budget, the way we eat (healthier!) and the food I cook is a lot more fun & different.
    So THANK YOU!!

  6. Thanks so much for the encouragement, I so appreciate it :)

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Kelly, there are several recipes for homemade lemon curd on the internet. Have you tried that route yet? Oh, and I've got both of you beat -I grew up in northern Alberta (Fort Vermilion-not to be confused with Vermilion), where it regularly gets colder than -30! :). We are now in Toronto where the only thing I like is the super mild winters! :).