The Meal Planner

The Basics of Meal Planning

Planning Meals Around In-Season Produce:

Setting Meal Planning Goals:

Planning for a Dinner Party

Odds & Ends

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9 Responses
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  2. Nidhi Says:

    I stumbled upon your blog a few days back and I just LOVED IT!!!!
    I am from India and your Indian recipes are very authentic. More importantly, I really appreciate your mix of recipes from all over the world. And its not just about the recipes, the way that you have organized everything, from the look of the blog to the planning of meals, its just soooooo welcoming!


  3. Katrina Says:

    I have searched high and low for something like this!!! Thank you for sharing your time, your organizational skills, and great photography with "not-so-organized" people like me! Bookmarked!!

  4. Thank you ladies. Your comments make my day :)

  5. Unknown Says:

    How do I find the grocery list for the meal plan? Thanks.

  6. Krolm - I'm sorry, I only have grocery lists for some of the meal plans. It's been on my to-do list to mark the ones with grocery lists but it hasn't been done yet. Hopefully soon!

  7. Anonymous Says:

    My mom is from the island Guam and their food is incredible! It's a cross between Guamainian, Philipino, and Japanese food. They have websites that offer recipes for anyone who is interested. Maybe you can come up with a meal plan from the Mariana Islands :-)
    Ps: I just stumbled across you a couple hours ago and Im enjoying it very much. Thank you so much!

  8. Kindra Says:

    Anonymous - I would LOVE to try Guamanian food! We have friends that we get together with and cook food from different cultures. I will have to suggest trying Guamanian food. Do you have any links to recipes? Maybe I will put together a meal plan for that once I've tried some recipes :) Thanks for reading!

  9. Anonymous Says:

    I am so glad I stumbled across your website! I am 18, and currently a sophomore in college-and on a full meal plan. I was looking for tips for meal planning, and have gotten some great ideas from your site. I think the 6 day meal plan and the custom shopping list-organized to fit my local grocery store is an excellent idea! Thanks!