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I know I post a link to our International Dinner Club every once in a while, but have I ever told you about it? Like really told you about it? Shame on me.

If you've been reading my blog you've probably gathered how much my husband and I love trying different ethnic cuisines. We experiment at home all the time with different countries cuisines and are friends with two other couples who are the same way. It was just sort of a natural progression for us to start getting together once a month focusing on a countries cuisine, and pooling together our cooking skills and recipes to create an amazing night of cultural food. We have been doing this since January 2008 and it just keeps getting better and better. We are kind of snobs when it comes to our group so it is aptly named "Secret-Secret Geography Club". When starting the group we sat around and marveled at what an amazingly awesome idea it was, and joked that everyone would want to join it because it was so amazingly awesome. Someone suggested giving it a boring name like "Geography Club" so that peeps would be like "Geography club?! You guys are so boring." Someone else joked that it needed to be a "Secret Geography Club" so not only would it be boring but it would be totally undercover. We laughed and someone else joked "it's so top secret it should be the Secret-Secret Geography Club". "Haha ahaha ahaha" we all laughed.


All the while the other's are taking this Secret-Secret Geography Club name seriously and not even uttering the words geography club, I was blogging away about it and telling our other friends how great it was and how good the food was. About 6 months later, some of the other members found out and I got a stern talking to "Do the words 'SECRET' mean anything to you?!" I thought it was a joke. "Didn't the fact that we added TWO SECRETS to the name make you think you should keep it a secret?" I thought the two secrets made it even more of a joke.

They still harass me about how well known our SECRET-SECRET club is. I still think they were joking.

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  1. Jena Says:

    There's a book called Geography Club. Except it's nothing like your club at all: