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Yesterday the family rose early to go to a pancake breakfast held outdoors. A perfect sunny Saturday morning eating pancakes and strawberries with the family. The only thing that could've make it more perfect would have been if the wasps had decided to buzz off instead of hanging around our plates to lap up droplets of pancake syrup.

Because we were actually up and at 'em so early we made it to the Farmer's Market...can you believe it was my first time? Pick your gaping jaws up off the floor. I've been to markets before, but I haven't specifically been to our Farmer's Market. You're really going to point and laugh when I tell you we've literally lived across the road from the Farmer's Market for FOUR YEARS and this was my first time going. FIRST TIME!! It was so lovely. We left with a loot of fresh veggies which are translating into lot's of salads this week.

Day 1: Egg Roll Stir-Fry
I made this again a few days ago and tweaked the recipe to get the sauce just right. Now it's one of my favorite stir-fry's. The recipe is coming soon I promise ;)

Day 2: Steak and Lemon Salad with Garlic Bread
This is great summer fare...kinda like sunshine on a plate.

Day 3: Roasted Chicken and Potatoes with Rosemary and Lemon with Avocado/Tomato/Mozza Salad
It's not that common anymore for people to purchase and roast a whole chicken, but it's become one of my favorite ways to stretch a buck. Not to mention preparing this chicken takes 5 minutes...which I definitely love.

Day 4: Chicken Flautas with Guacamole and Salad
Leftover chicken from the night before goes into these homemade flautas (like taquitos only bigger) with cheddar cheese. They are amazingly crisp and wonderful and dipped into buttery Guacamole they're positively irresistible.

Day 5: Tex Mex Chicken and Rotini Soup with Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
The leftover bones (and any meat) from the roasted chicken can be boiled into a homemade chicken stock which turns into this spicy soup. I also like it because the Southwestern Salad only uses 1/2 a can of black beans, so this allows me to use up the rest.

Day 6: Spaghetti with Smoked Mozzarella, Prosciutto and Asparagus with Garden Salad
With lovely basil from my herb garden and fresh asparagus I can't say no to this pasta dish. You will feel spoiled and gourmet....perfect for date night.

For more great meal plans, check out my complete list of meal plans or the Menu Plan Monday links at Orgjunkie.

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5 Responses
  1. Laura Says:

    Okay wow! Your menu for the week is so making me drool :)

  2. What a menu - the pictures are fabulous - did you take them all? Everything sounds yummy - thanks for sharing.

  3. Karen Says:

    Can't wait for the eggroll stirfry recipe! The pic is SUCH a teaser!

  4. Jenna Says:

    I can't wait to stick around and look at your recipes. Your week looks delicious. Beautiful pics : )!

  5. Laura - Haha, thanks Laura. Don't let your keyboard get too wet ;)

    Krisi & Adam - Yep, all the photos are my own. Thanks for the compliments.

    Karen - I had hopes that the photo would be a teaser. The recipe is posted now.

    Jenna - Thanks so much!