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We've had a break from our Canadian deep freeze for the last couple of weeks and it's been nothing but sun shine and snow melting. Spring feels so lovely and welcoming my girls and I can hardly resist getting outside, going for walks and playing at the park. All I want in the kitchen this week are quick and easy meals to throw together so we can get back to fresh air and enjoying the sunshine.

Day 1: Hoisin Cashew Beef on Lettuce Wraps with Rice
These are lovely and fresh and I'm so glad my brain dreamed them up.

Day 2: Chili Cheese Dogs with Fries and Fruit Smoothies

Our family loves these and with a fresh fruit smoothie, you don't have to feel so bad about indulging :)

Day 3: Turkey Meatballs in Tomato Cream Sauce with Salad
These are a wonderful change up from regular spaghetti and meatballs.

Day 4: Curried Tuna Melts with Creamy Dill Pasta Salad

My husband and I enjoy an artsy coffee shop in town that make the BEST pasta salad and sandwiches. It just so happens I dissected that salad and came up with my own that definitely stands up to the original. Prepare the salad the night before for an even quicker meal come dinner time the next day.

Day 5: Creamy Cauliflower Soup with Crusty Bread

So creamy and rich you won't believe there isn't a drop of cream to be found in this soup.

Day 6: Mexican Pizza

Our family loves to make homemade pizza on Friday nights and settle in for pizza and a movie. This one is sure to please everyone.

For more great meal plans, check out my complete list of meal plans or the Menu Plan Monday links at Orgjunkie.

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8 Responses

  1. Mm, you menu looks delicious...especially with those great pictures.
    I have always wanted to try creamy cauliflower soup.


  2. This looks like a menu I could enjoy! Definitely looking forward to the lettuce wrap and Mexican pizza recipes!!

  3. Unknown Says:

    I want to try the pizza, the tuna pasta (I love pasta) and the meatballs and tomato sauce. What a delicious week in food!

  4. Trippy Momma Says:

    I love the way your blog looks! By far one of the best I've seen! Not to mention your pictures on here... If you don't mind me asking, what kind of camera do you use?
    oh... and that pizza made my mouth water :P

  5. Thanks for the great comments everyone!

    Trippy Momma - I use a Canon Rebel XT. I don't even think they make them anymore (they are all XTi's and stuff). It's a good first DSLR and for a good price.

  6. MamaFeelgood Says:

    I come here everyday looking for the Creamy dill pasta recipe. I am intrigued and completely looking forward to it. It sounds like it is right up my alley.

  7. MamaFeelGood - I'm sorry it's taken me FOREVER to get it posted. I've had a busy couple months and the blog has taken a backseat. I'll get it posted soon I promise!