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"Here's a cup
and here's a cup
and here's a pot of tea.
Pour a cup
and pour a cup
and drink a cup with me.


I'm back full swing into teaching preschool and this is one of my favorite ways to settle them down into circle time so I can read a story. We pretend to pour our cups of tea and drink it all up which is fun and yet relaxing for them at the same time. A few kids from last year remember when I was teaching them about Japan and we had a Japanese tea party where I poured them cups of real iced tea. This year, pouring a pretend cup of tea isn't quite as satisfying for them!

This iced passion tea lemonade is an absolutely fantastic homemade tea. Great for warm summer evenings, or in my case hot September and October days. What the what? I think we had better, warmer, sunnier weather in the last two weeks here than we did all summer. It left me craving this tea and wanting share it with you. It was prepared for me by my dear friend Shanna and is an exact knock-off of Starbuck's Passion Tea Lemonade.

I may just have to prepare it for some preschoolers I know.


1 large teabag Tazo Passion Iced Herbal Tea (not single size)
Prepared lemonade
Raspberry Syrup


First brew tea according to package instructions. Before discarding the tea bag use a big spoon and make sure to have squish out all the passion goodness from them. The mixture is going to be very concentrated, so add a bit of water (around a cup) to make it stretch farther. Let cool.

Add equal parts lemonade to the tea concentrate & chill. Fill glasses with 1/3 ice, pour in tea mixture, and finish with 2-3 tbsp of raspberry syrup... you can just eyeball it really. (You can also use simple syrup in place of raspberry, but it won't be as good.)

Stir and enjoy.


This is one of my favorite drinks to order at Starbuck's and to make it at home thrills me! It's fruity and yet kind of tart from the lemonade. The startlingly pink color of this drink would be wonderful to serve at a baby shower or kid's birthday without resorting to pop or kool-aid or something equally unhealthy.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Ummm yum! My passion tea lemonade is darn tasty. I happened to have the ingredients on hand to make the syrup myself (think makes it healthier because I used real raspberries).
    Thanks, Kindra!
    Greetings from the USA
    - Brit