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Grocery List:
The grocery list is color coordinated by meal so you can easily pick and choose which meals you would like to make. Either print and use the grocery list as is and make all the meals I have planned, or easily cross off the meals and corresponding ingredients you would rather not make.

This is a seriously great meal plan! (If I do say so myself).   I owed it to you after my super long absence.  As I went through to comment on all the meals I had chosen, my mouth started watering more and more and by the end I wanted to eat it all RIGHT NOW.  Make the Slow Roasted Pork Shoulder when you've got lots of time to spare.  It's not difficult nor tedious, the oven is doing all the work for you, but you do need about 4-5 hours to let it slow cook in the oven.  Then shred up the leftovers and use on a night when you haven't got much time at all.

Day 1: Slow Roasted Pork Shoulder with Buttermilk Mashed Potatoes and Carrots
This pork is insanely good!  Make this pork on the weekend when you've got some time and enjoy a good 'ol homestyle meal.  Save the leftover shredded pork for later in the week.

Day 2: Hoisin and Ginger Pork Wraps with Crunchy Peanut Slaw
Use your leftover pork to make these delicious, no effort, bad boys.

Yep, the title is right.  These are probably my favorite turkey burgers.

Day 4: Chicken in Mustard Cream Sauce with Sauteed Mushrooms in Thyme
Kinda drooling right now thinking about this meal.

Day 5: Beef and Bean Chimichangas and Salad with Chipotle Ranch Dressing
These burritos have a great crispy shell giving them a lovely contrast of textures.

For more great meal plans, check out my complete list of meal plans or the Menu Plan Monday links at Orgjunkie.

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