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Last summer my husband and I went out for a nice dinner date together at Earl's Restaurant.  Some friends had recommended we try the Baby Back Ribs with Cajun Chicken, so we got an order and split it.  It came with two side dishes for us to choose from and whenthe waiter told me the description of the warm potato salad I pretty much had to wipe my jaw up off the table.  I had just tried my first warm potato salad a couple months earlier so I already knew they were fantastic...but the addition of fresh dill, salty bacon and sweet corn was just incredible.  Since I was sharing with my husband, I had to restrain myself from eating it all which became EXTREMELY hard to do.  

I came home and immediately scribbled down some ideas in my kitchen journal for how I could recreate that salad.  I made this a few times last summer and again this summer, and I can assure you it is fantastic.   Now to figure out how to make Earl's Blackened Cajun Chicken....

Recipe by Meal Planning 101

Serves 4 as a side dish

2 lbs new yellow potatoes
1/3 lb bacon, cut into small pieces
1 cup 35% cream
Zest of lemon
Salt and lots of pepper
2 tbsp fresh dill, chopped
1/2 cup corn kernels
4 green onions, chopped

Put a medium pot of salted water on to boil.  You want your potatoes to be about 1 inch in diameter, so add them whole if they are small or cut them in half.  Once the water is boiling add the potatoes and cook until tender (about 10 minutes). Add corn (frozen or fresh) in the last minute or two. Drain.

While the water for the potatoes is boiling, begin frying the bacon over medium heat in a frying pan until crisp.  Remove with a slotted spoon to a paper towel.

In a small saucepan over medium, heat the cream until boiling then turn down to low.  Add zest of lemon, salt and lots of pepper.  Once it has simmered and reduced a bit, remove from the heat and stir in the dill.  Once the potatoes are drained, place them back into their pot and pour over the warm cream while the potatoes are still hot.  Toss the potatoes for a couple minutes.  The potatoes will suck up the flavor of the cream while you toss.  Add the crisp bacon pieces, and chopped green onions and toss again.  Pour the potato salad into a pretty bowl to serve.

This can be served immediately while hot, or can sit and rest and be served warm or at room temperature.  The longer it sits the more the cream will thicken and be sucked up by the potatoes.  Garnish with extra dill.

Click here for printable version of Warm Potato Salad with Corn and Bacon


Oh my goodness, this stuff is good!  My husband kept singing my praises when I made this for him.  This is fantastic alongside grilled meat, or double it and bring to a potluck.  The fact that it can be served hot, warm or room temperature makes it a great offering at a potluck.  You will love it!  It's a great copycat recipe.

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10 Responses
  1. Claire Says:

    I will definitely have to try this!! I used to go to Earl's in Vancouver pretty often because I went to college about 20 minutes south of the US/Canadian border, so I have a soft spot in my heart for all things Earl's. Plus it sounds fantastic!! Do they still have tasty margaritas and a great artichoke dip??

  2. BrownFamily Says:

    This sounds absolutely amazing! I'm going to make for a BBQ I'm going to Friday :)

  3. Claire - that's so cool! I can't say I've tried their margaritas or the artichoke dip (but you're definitely making me want to!)

  4. Deborah Says:

    I have never seen corn in a potato salad, but that looks so good that I don't think I'd be able to keep my fork out of it!!

  5. prairie80 Says:

    I made this tonight and had it alongside a yummy BBQ steak and it was wonderful! I will definitely be making it again! I decided to double the sauce and kept half aside to serve over chicken and pasta one night soon! I bet this sauce would be delicious on fish as well!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    i just found your website through pinterest and seriously could not be more excited!!!! what a wonderful blog to find! i've been struggling so much with dinners and planning and i think i finally found the answer :) thank you thank you!!!

  7. Jen Says:

    This looks so tasty! I'm thinking this is the perfect recipe for a picnic this weekend!

  8. Nicki Says:

    I'm so going to try this! Such a delicious spin on a classic recipe.

  9. This looks good even in October. I love how your site is designed. Cool.I'm trying to incoporate Dr. Oz's checklist into my every day meals.

  10. This looks delicious. I’m a vegetarian and seeking new vegetarian recipes these days. Thanks for sharing tasty, healthy recipes.