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Click here to get a printable version of this week's meal plan with recipes

Grocery List:
The grocery list is color coordinated by meal so you can easily pick and choose which meals you would like to make. Either print and use the grocery list as is and make all the meals I have planned, or easily cross off the meals and corresponding ingredients you would rather not make.

Click here to get a printable version of this week's grocery list

Here's some of our very favorite recipes, compiled into one week.  I made sure to prep ahead when possible to cut down on time spent later, and put the easiest meal at the end of the week for when I'm tired and don't much feel like cooking.  I only plan 5 meals for the week to account for leftovers, eating out, or macgyvering dinner out of the leftover bits in my fridge/pantry at the end of the week.

Happy eating!

Day 1: Won Ton Soup with Asian Salad
Our family loves this soup so much.  You'll need to allot yourself 30 minutes or so to assemble all the won tons, but the soup is a cinch after that.  You'll also be making double what you need, so you can save the rest in the fridge for tomorrow nights salad.

Mmmm....crispy won tons in a salad?  Sign me up!  This salad is crispy, crunchy, sweet and sour, and sure to please.  Toss some chicken breasts covered in BBQ sauce in the oven to cook, while the chicken for the salad is cooking and set aside for dinner on Day 4.

Day 3: Vindaloo-Korma Curry over Rice
My Slow Cooker Chicken Tikka Masala and Slow Cooker Butter Chicken recipes have been getting all the Pinterest lovin', but this curry is one of my absolute FAVORITES. It's spicy and sweet with fantastic flavor.  While I've never tried it before, I'm sure it would adapt well to being tossed in the slow cooker once the chicken, onions, garlic and ginger have been cooked.

The chicken has already been cooked for you another night, so you need only bake the tortillas, prepare the salsa and assemble.  Easy easy!

The hoisin cashew beef is quick and easy to pull together.  If you made double the rice on Day 3 then that part is done for you too!  Just pile rice and meat into lettuce cups and enjoy an easy and delicious meal.

I never add dessert to my meal plan, but this one is so fast it's nice to treat the family.

For more great meal plans, check out my complete list of meal plans.

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