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Did you know my husband is an amazing musician?  At all times, he's got a bunch of music projects on the go, always creating and making beautiful music.  When we were buying a house, we had to look for one that would easily house a music studio and we ended up finding one with a detached garage; a total mancave.  It's entirely his for making music.  

All that to say, he's released a couple albums recently.  They are completely FREE to download so check them out:

  • This Hope Prevails - is a five song worship EP.  My husband Steve creates electronic beats, so it's not typical worship music.  

  • Sad, Beautiful, Modern Things - a post-rock project that he wrote with two other guys while in the mountains for 5 days.  Think "Explosions in the Sky" or "Sigur Ros".

(Thanks for reading and letting me take a little detour from food ;) )

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