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I'm sure most of you know by now, but there will be no more Google Reader by July 1st.  That made me so sad because I subscribe to all of the blogs I read in Google Reader!  Since it will soon be gone by the wayside, those of us still using it need to go elsewhere.

Blog Lovin' is a blog reader and they have a handy little button that imports all your subscribed blogs from Google Reader for you!  It was super easy and took less than a minute.  To stay up to date with Meal Planning 101, I suggest you follow my blog with Bloglovin.

Feedly is another blog reader and will also import your blogs from Google Reader.  After trying both, I think I liked feedly better.  It was the most like Google Reader and the easier of the two to get used to.  But it's up to you!

If blog readers aren't your thing, here are some more ways for us to keep in touch:


I pin all my new recipes on my Pinterest board Meal Planning 101 so you can follow me there.  I also post lots of other food that is inspiring me, recipes that I tried and liked, my meal plan links, and any recipes I'm using that week in my meal plan.  Here's the link to my boards to check them all out!


Meal Planning 101 has it's own facebook page updated when new posts go up or when I have interesting pics or statuses to post.


If facebook isn't your thing, I am also on Twitter.


While I hardly ever post anything food related, if you are interested in following me on Instagram my user name is kindrabirss.

So lets keep in touch!  I promise I'll post more things on the blog very soon ;)

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4 Responses
  1. Tasha Says:

    can't find you on feedly

  2. Unknown Says:

    I really enjoy this blog. It's really put well together and captivates the attention of any cooking enthusiasts.

  3. Wonderful food blog! I really enjoy reading! Thank You!

  4. Unknown Says:

    Well, It's 2015 are you still adding recipies? Love what you have but can't find what is new.